Bartholomew Dennis and Jane Milner

Bartholomew Dennis was born on 04 Mar 1804 in Lower Silton, Yorkshire, England as the second child of Thomas Dennis and Esther Mitchell.


His baptism does not appear in the Leake parish register’s but there is a sibling (Thomas) born in 1804, so this may be his record.

When he was aged 21 he married Jane Milner,daughter of Henry Milner and widow Jane Arnett (maiden name Shilletoe), on 26th February 1825 in Osmotherley. Jane was born at nearby Thirsk on 1 November 1800 (All Saints Day) and baptised on 19 December 1800 in Thirsk, Yorkshire, and had one sister Mary Milner b 1802, and two step siblings from her mother’s first marriage Ann Arnett b 1795 and James Arnett 1798-1874.

Osmotherley Parish Register

Bartholomew was listed as a farmer of nearby Hampsthwaite on his daughters baptism.

Bartholomew Dennis and Jane Milner had the following children:

  1. Eliza Dennis was born in 1825 in Osmotherley, North Yorkshire, England. She died in 1866 in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England (Age: 39). She married John Fall on 29 Dec 1849 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England.
  2. Mary Dennis was born in 1827 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire. She died on 30 Aug 1869 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire (Age: 42). She married John Christon on 24 Jan 1846 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England.
  3. Jane Dennis was born in 1828 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire. She died on 26 Jun 1835 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire (aged 7).
  4. Ann Dennis was born in 1829 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire. She died on 23 Jun 1835 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England (aged 6).
  5. Esther Dennis was born in 1831 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire. She died in 1835 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire. (aged 4).
  6. Henry Dennis was born in 1834 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire. He died in 1849 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire. (aged 14).
  7. John Dennis was born about 1837 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England. He died in 1911 in Beverley, Yorkshire (Age: 75). He married Nancy Glaisby on 02 Apr 1862 in Catton, Yorkshire, England.
  8. Ann dennis was born in 1839 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England.
  9. Esther Dennis was born in 1840 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire. She died in 1840 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire.
  10. James Dennis was born in Oct 1841 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England. He died on 10 Sep 1916 in 85 Burnsville Road, Grangetown, Eston, Yorkshire, England. He married Elizabeth Banks on 06 Aug 1867 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire. He secondly married Susan Emily Nicholls in 1906.
  11. Anne Dennis was born in 1844 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England.
  12. Jane Denniss was born about 1845 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England. She died in 1901 in last heard of in Leistershire.

Sadly, at least five children died before adulthood.

Bartholomew is mentioned as a cartwright in the 1840 Baines directory of Osmotherley.
In 1841 he was living in Osmotherley, with his family as a cartwright and carpenter. (1841 census).

By 1851 he was classified as a Master Cartwright, aged 47 living in the village of Osmotherley with his wife jane and children John aged 14, a cartwright apprentice, James aged 9, scholar, and Jane aged 6, scholar.

By 1861 he was residing at 3 Church St. and was a Master Cartwright. Also living in the household was wife Jane aged 60, and children James aged 19 a cartwright apprentice and daughter Jane aged 16 a scholar.

By 1871 Bartholomew 67,  and Jane 70  were living at Osmotherley mile and his occupation was a  Wheelwright. Their daughter Ann Roberts aged 31 and her son Walter aged 6 months were living with them. They also had a wheelwright apprentice, William Bowes, living with them.

In 1881 Bartholomew, aged 77 and Jane aged 80, were living by themselves at 4 Church Lane in Osmotherley and his occupation was given as a carpenter.

Bartholomew died on 20 May 1882 and was buried on 23 May 1882 in Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England. His wife Jane died a few months later on 1 November 1882, (All Saints Day) and was buried on 3 November 1882 in Osmotherley.

In loving memory of Bartholomew Denniss of Osmotherley b May 4th 1804 Died May 20th 1882.
Also his wife Jane born All Saints Day 1800 died All Saints Day 1882.