James Milverton and Sarah Stanton

James Milverton was born in 1747 in Winsham, Somerset, England to parents James Milverton (1722-1773) and Elizabeth Scriven (1726-1778).

St Stephens, Winsham, Somerset, England

James was baptised in 1747 at St Stephens in Winsham, Somerset. It seems the clerk was either feeling lazy on this day when he entered the details, or he was deliberately hiding an illegimate birth.

James’ parents were married on 3 June 1747, and right beside the entry in the parish register is the baptism of a ‘Milverton’ child, with no Christian name or other details entered.

It seems there were three children baptised around that time with no Christian name’s entered. Looking through the register this was a common occurence.

Winsham Somersetshire parish register 1747

James sister was baptised at nearby Chard on 17 April 1750, some three years later.

Winsham was a small village in Somerset situated 2 1/2 miles of Chard. In 1870 the population of the village was 1033 people, in only 204 houses. The Winsham Web Museum provides more information on the area.

At the age of 25 James married Sarah Stanton, aged 24 years on 15 March 1774 at St Stephens in Winsham. The marriage record states that James was a carpenter by occupation. Witnesses to the marriage were John Row and George Dun.

St Marys, Thorncombe Dorset

Sarah Stanton was born in 1750 to parents William Stanton (1713-1786) and Joan Bagg (1714-1779) in nearby Thorncombe, just two miles away from Winsham. She was baptised at St Marys, Thorncombe on 3 June 1750.

Thorncombe is in north west Dorset but situated close to the borders of both Somerset and Devon. Thorncombe has an Online Parish Clerk for the area with lots of great information.

The Stanton family resided in Thorncombe and nearby (4 miles) Broadwindsor for many generations, and raised large families. William Stanton b 1713 (above) was one of eight children born to parents Henery Stanton (1690-1743) and Martha Morrice (1699-1743). Henery was one of seven children born to parents Henry Stanton (1658-1698) and Joan Edgar (1666-1710). Henry b 1658 was the son of Henry Stanton and Elizabeth Horsford.

Back to James – nine children were born to James Milverton and Sarah Stanton-

  1. John b 1774 Winsham d 1844 Winsham
  2. James b 1776 Winsham d 1831 Holborn, London. Marr Ann Membry, 9 kids.
  3. Sarah b 1779 Winsham
  4. Richard b 1780 & d 1806 Winsham
  5. Charles b 1782 & d 1844 Winsham
  6. Henry b 1787 Winsham d 1839 Thorncombe. Marr Susanna Collyhole, 2 kids.
  7. William b 1789 & d 1826 Winsham. Marr Sarah Russell, 2 kids.
  8. Robert b 1791 & d 1806 Winsham
  9. Mary b 1795 Winsham. Marr John Cook.

Western Way, Winsham, Somerset

Sarah Milverton died on 23 June 1826 in Winsham aged 76, and was buried there on 25 June 1826.

John worked as a carpenter in Winsham and died in December 1829 aged around 82 years (79 according to the parish register), and was buried on 6 Dec 1829 at St Stephens, Winsham.