George Milne and Marjorie Davidson

George Milne was born around 1633 in Aberdeenshire.  He was said to be the son of John Mylne jnr 1611-1667 and Agnes Fraser. (This is unproven at this stage, but I do have two DNA connections from John Mylne jnr’s brother Alexander b 1613).

Ellon church Aberdeenshire

At the age of 18 years, George Milne married Marjorie Davidson on 3 August 1649 at Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

George and Marjorie Milne possibly had four children –

  1. Janet b 1649 Ellon
  2. George Joseph b 1650  Ellon. Married Janet Anderson. 7 children.
  3. Andrew b 1651 Old Machar
  4. Andrew b 1659 Old Machar

There are so many George Milne’s being buried at Old Machar, it is impossible to determine which one is the correct burial.

There is a Marjorie Miln (no ‘e’) being buried at Old Machar on 21 March 1699 which may be the correct burial.