Edmond Fennessy and Mary Conheidy

Edmond Fennessy was born around 1797 in Clare, Ireland, probably in Coolagoree near Feakle.

He was the son of James Fennessy and Sarah Tuoey. Edward’s father James, a farmer,  appears in the following Clare, Ireland records –

Map showing Feakle, Coolagoree and Lackarunoe (Lacarroe)

Edmond was one of at least three children born to the couple – Edmond (1797-1874), Honora ‘Nora'(1804-1885) and Patrick ‘Pierce’ (born 1810).

I can confirm over 10 DNA matches with descendants of these three children.

Edmond married Mary Conheidy on 14 February 1831 at Tulla, Killaloe, Clare, Ireland.

Tulla Parish Register 1831

Mary was the daughter of Patrick Conheidy / Conheady. She was born around 1798 in the townland of Milltown, parish of Tulla, Clare, Ireland.

Mary was one of six children, and had siblings – Thomas (1790-1879) married Mary Hennessy, Michael (b1792) married Bridget Flanagan, John (b 1794) married Mary Tobin, Patrick (1796-1886) married Mary Hassett and James (b 1800) married Ellen Tuohy.

Conheady farmhouse in Milltown, Tulla, Clare, Ireland

Patrick Conheady appears in the 1827 Tithe Applotment books for Milltown along with John and Thomas Conheady (Cunnedy).

He is also recorded in the Ejectment Books of County Clare 1816-1835, ejected from his farm and land in Milltown, parish of Tulla in 1833. Ejectment book here.

Edmond and Mary had six children –

  1. James born 1834 Coolagoree, Clare, Ireland died 1888 Coolagoree. Married Bridget Burke in 1867. 8 children.
  2. Bridget born 1835 Laccaroe, Clare died 1880 Ennis Asylum. Married Patrick Gallagher in 1858 and had eight children.
  3. Mary born 1845 Feakle died 1928 Tulla. Married Patrick Hynes, 5 children.
  4. Sarah born 1846 Feakle died 1927 Bridgetown, Clare. Married Patrick Ryan, 4 children.
  5. Michael born 1848 Laccaroe. Appears on 1916 application for pension, (1851 census search form) stating his father is Edmond.
  6. Catherine born 1855 Feakle died 1932 Kilbane, Clare. Married James Gunning in 1878. 7 children.

In 1827 Edmond was living in the townland of Lackarunoe in the parish of Feakle, probably with his father James. (Griffiths Valuation).

The Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser Newspaper on 8 June 1840 published a list of Freeholders in the area of Killaoe, Clare, Ireland. Edmond’s name appears at Laccaroe.

Clare Journal June 1840

In 1916 Edmond’s son Michael made an application to the government for a pension, and as part of that a search was performed on the 1851 census records in which it was stated that he was the son of Edmond Fennessy and Mary Conheady of Lower Lackarunoe.

1916 application to search 1851 census

In 1851 Edmond also appears on the Ireland Encumbered Estates register for land he is occupying in the townland of Coolagoree, Feakle which is owned by Thomas Tuoey (his mother’s maiden name).

By 1855 Edmond, Mary and Patrick Fennessy are all occupying land at Lancarroe Lower in the parish of Feakle on the Griffiths Valuation forms. The owner of the land is Margaret Gore. There are lots of Tuoey tenants as neighbours.

He also appears in the 1856 Griffith Valuations for Coolagorry being a land tenant only (less than 2 kms away).

In 1867 Edmond is recorded on the Ireland Dog Registration records for Lancarrow Lower. (Laccarroe)

Edmond died in 1874 at Lacarroe aged 77 years, and his wife Mary died in 1879.