Robert Connish junior

Robert Connish junior was born around 1609 in Chinnor, Oxfordshire, England to parents Robert Connish senior (1570-1615) and Margaret (d 1618).

St Andrews Chinnor Oxfordshire

Robert was most likely baptised at St Andrews, Chinnor around 1609.

Robert Connish, junior, was a yeoman farmer in Chinnor, as was his father Robert Connish senior.

Around 1629 Robert married an unnamed woman and had five children –

  1. Maria b 1630 Chinnor, married Thomas Healey
  2. Jane b 1631 Chinnor
  3. Dorothy b 1634 Chinnor, marr William Lynk in 1679 Ibstone, Bucks
  4. Robert b 1636 Chinnor
  5. Susannah b 1639 & d 1720 Chinnor, marr Francis Britnell, 7 children

All five children were baptised at St Andrews in Chinnor.

Robert Connish died in March 1677 at Chinnor and was buried at St Andrews on 21 March 1677. The parish register is written in beautiful script in latin.

Chinnor Burials, Oxfordshire 1677

It appears his wife died sometime before, as she was not mentioned in Robert’s will.

Roberts extensive will inventory was taken on 22 March 1677, the day after his burial. In his will he states he is a yeoman of Chinnor, and leaves bequests t0 –

  • his son Robert, one shilling
  • his daughter Mary Healey, the wife of Thomas Healey, and his daughters Susannah and Dorothy – his house, orchards and barns and lands that he currently lives in, and household goods

Jane is the only child not mentioned, so she may have died earlier. Perhaps Robert was given other land previously by his father, as one shilling seems very little.

Chinnor churchyard