Nicholas Kendall and Emline Treffrey

Nicholas Kendall was born in 1598 in Lanlivery, Cornwall, England. His baptism is not recorded as the areas parish registers don’t begin until 1614.

Nicholas was the son of Walter Kendall 1568-1598 and Catherine Hellyar 1558-1620.

Pelyn near Lostwithiel, Lanlivery Cornwall

The Cornwall Gardens Trust lists Penlyn, his family home, in their records and gives some more information about the estate.

The estate was offered for sale, and you can view the sales brochure here.

He matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford in October 1594 aged 17. He became recorder of Lostwithiel.

Nicholas was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons in 1625 and again in 1640. Of Royalist sympathies during the Civil War of 1642 – 46, Colonel Nicholas Kendall is recorded as having led a Troop of King’s men into Bodmin, where they succeeded in routing a band of Parliamentarian Troopers who were raiding the County Capital. A short time later he lost his life in the siege before Bristol. (Cornwall OPC).

It has been remarked of this family, that they have perhaps sent more members to the British Senate than any other in the United Kingdom.

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The Kendall family of Pelyn are mentioned in the Historical Survey of the County of Cornwall Vol 2 Part 1 starting on page 176 available here on Googlebooks.

He married Emiline Treffry on 24 November 1623 at Lanlivery. Emiline was the daughter of Thomas Treffrey Mayor of Lostwithiel, 1563-1635 and Katherine Hellier 1580-1625..

Children –

  1. Jane b 1624 d 1643 Lanlivery
  2. Walter b 1626 d 1635 Lanlivery
  3. Walter b 1626 Lanlivery d 1696 Lostwithiel. Married Jane Carew. 7 children.
  4. Charles b 1628 d 1700 Lanlivery
  5. Johanna b 1631 d 1631 Lanlivery
  6. Johnathon b 1632 d 1635 Lanlivery
  7. Barnard b 1634 d 1704 Lanlivery. Married Anne Snell. 6 children.
  8. Nicholas b 1635 d 1635 Lanlivery
  9. Emlyn b 1635 d 1635

Colonel Nicholas Kendall was killed in action fighting on the Royalist side in the English Civil War on 26 July 1643 in the Seige of Bristol.

He led a troop of Royalist soldiers into Bodmin, where they routed the Parliamentarian troopers who were raiding the town.

He was buried in Lanlivery in Cornwall, and there is a family Kendall plaque in the church which reads –

“In Memory of Walter Kendall of Pelyn Esq, who was Interr’d in the grave of his Father Nicholas Kendall of Pelyn aforesaid, Esq, the 5th day of 76r (September) Anno Domini 1696 AEtatis Suce 70. And also in Memory of Joan Kendall Relict of the said Walter Kendall, Eldest Daughter of Alexander Carew of East Anthony Knight and Barronet: She was married to the said Walter the 17th day of July 1650, and erected this monument in the 70th year of her age the 12th day of July 1703. Desiring She may be buried in the grave of Embline Kendall Mother of her dec’d husband. By the side of the said Walter Kendall lies interr’d Nicholas Kendall , son of the Rever’d Canon Kendall who dyed the 7th of 10ber 1702. To think of death, and duly to prepare for its approach, should bey’r Chiefest Care”.

His wife Emline Kendall is mentioned in the Cornish Archives in a letter she wrote to Mr Trewbody asking for loan of 20 shillings to satisfy debt to Mrs Elizabeth Mark; endorsed with receipt for 20 shillings.

Emline Kendall died in March 1684 at Penlyn, and was buried at Lanlivery in March 1684.

arms_page037.jpgThe Kendall family arms

Argent, a chevron between three dolphins naiant embowed sable.

A younger branch of an ancient Cornish family of which the principal line became extinct in the early part of the seventeenth century. They were formerly seated at Treworgy in Duloe, and are traced to Richard Kendall of Treworgy, Burgess for Launceston in the forty-third of Edward III.

Pelyn has been for many generations the seat of this family, descended from Walter, third son of John Kendall of Treworgy, who married a daughter and coheir of Robert Holland, an illegitimate son of a Duke of Exeter. It has been remarked of this family, that they have perhaps sent more members to the British Senate than any other in the United Kingdom.

Source – Kendall of Pelyn, in the parish of Lanlivery.

Kendall Pedigree from Visitation of Cornwall 1620 by Vivian p259