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USA “Internet Genealogy” Magazine

English Criminal Ancestors, Oct 2021 (cover shown right)
Who’s Your Daddy – a Durham DNA puzzle, Dec 2021
A Convict Mother’s plea, Feb 2022
Surviving Irish Records, April 2022
English & Irish Nonconformist Ancestors, Feb 2022
Dog Collars – Clerical & Canine, Devon & Cornwall, June 2022
Surviving Irish Records, Oct 2022
Medical Ancestors, Dec 2023
Early Australian Emigrant Ancestors 2024
English Publicans, April 2023
Yorkshire Ancestors 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Genealogy 2024


English “Your Family History” Magazine 
A Paupers Life,  February 2017
Apprenticeship Alternatives, November 2017
From Schoolmaster to London Brewer, July 2017
Mesmerising Medical Ancestors, March 2017

East of London “Cockney Ancestor” Magazine
Why Did They Immigrate, November 2008
Doctors and Gunmakers in the East End, January 2012

English “Family Tree” Magazine
The Heirloom that Found Me, June 2010

Australian “Ancestor” Magazine
various articles

Other Contributions
Australian Medical Pioneers Index – Dr Samson Davis
Diary of Dr Samson Davis, 1842 (transcribed) on his return voyage to see his brother in New York, USA. He returned to England a year later, before immigrating to Australia in 1852.