Walter Kendall and Agnes Beville

Walter Kendall was born at Pelyn, Cornwall, England around 1543 to parents Nicholas Kendall 1511-1583 and Loveday Killiowe 1516-1590.

Pelyn Wood Cornwall

Walter was married on 20 August 1568 to Agnes Beville at Pelyn, Cornwall.

Agnes was the daughter of John Beville 1528-1578, the High Sherriff of Cornwall and Elizabeth Milliton 1527-1610.

She was born around 1546 at Killigarth, Cornwall.


Walter and Agnes had eight children –

  1. Walter b 1568 d 1598. Married Catherine Hellyar. 1 child.
  2. Jane b 1573 d 1646. Married Nicholas Glynn. 3 children.
  3. Phillipa b 1574 d 1621. Married Richard Michell and Humphrey Roscarrock.
  4. Loveday b 1575 d 1613 married William Coode 1592. 14 children.
  5. Temperance b 1579 d 1579
  6. Nicholas b 1582 d 1643
  7. Peter b 1584 d 1643
  8. John b 1586 d 1643

Three of the sons Peter, Nicholas and John all died in the Siege of Bristol. The Storming of Bristol took place from 23 to 26 July 1643, during the First English Civil War. The Royalist army under Prince Rupert captured the important port of Bristol from its weakened Parliamentarian garrison. The city remained under Royalist control until the second siege of Bristol in September 1645.

Walter Kendall was Sheriff of Cornwall, England.

Walter and his family appear in Burke’s Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry, 18th edition. 3 volumes. London, England: Burke’s Peerage Ltd, 1965-1972.

The Cornwall Online Parish Clerk website also has a page about the Kendall Family of Pelyn, Lanlivery here.

The Kendall family of Pelyn are mentioned in the Historical Survey of the County of Cornwall Vol 2 Part 1 starting on page 176 available here on Googlebooks.

St Brevitas Lanlivery Cornwall

Agnes died in 1594 and was buried at Lanlivery.

Walter died on 28 May 1598 at Pelyn, and was buried at Lanlivery, Cornwall.

His will, written on 28 February 1593 and  proved in February 1598, left bequests to his son in law William Coode and Loveday his wife, daughter Temperance, 2nd son Nicholas, 3rd son Peter, 4th son John and his children daughter Jane, eldest son Walter, and his cousin Anthony.  The PCC will is available online on Ancestry.

Kendall Pedigree from Visitation of Cornwall 1620 by Vivian p259