Alexander Milne and Elspeth Smith

Alexander Milne was born in 1683 in Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland. He was baptised on 6 May 1683 at Old Machar and was the son of George Milne 1650-1704 and Janet Anderson 1650-1704.

Old Machar cathedral church Aberdeen

At the age of 21 Alexander first married Elspet Simpson on 22 June 1704 at Old Machar.

On the marriage register Alexander was said to be of Longside (where his grandfather George Milne was born). Elspet was from Old Machar.

There is only one baptism for an Elspet Simpson at Old Machar for the right time – Elspet Simsone, daughter of James Simsone, baptised 25 May 1676 at Old Machar.

It seems there no children recorded to this marriage, but Elspet seems to have died.

There is another marriage of an Alexander Milne to an Isabel Moire in Old Machar in 1713, but this is not the same Alexander. This marriage register states this Alexander was a Town Clerk.

At the age of 36 Alexander married Elspet Smith on 18 June 1719 at Old Machar.

Elspet Smith may have been born in 1698 in Echt, Aberdeenshire, 13 miles away from Old Machar.  An Elspet Smith was baptised at Echt on 10 Jan 1692 to parents James Smith and Cristian Donald.

Alexander and Elspet Milne had four children baptised at the parish church in Old Machar-

  1. Alexander b 1720 d 1740
  2. William b 1721
  3. John b 1723 d 1798
  4. Anne b 1725 d 1818

Alexander was working as a farmer in Old Machar in 1719 and then by 1721 as a maltman (brewer or dealer in malt) at Bogs Bridge in Aberdeen.

It is unknown when and where Alexander and either of his wives both named Elspet died and are buried.