Jeremiah Pickering and Elizabeth Hovington

St Johns, Allerston, Yorkshire

Jeremiah Pickering was born in Hackness, Yorkshire in 1671 and baptised there on 30 July 1671, the son of George Pickering 1650-1722 and Elizabeth Walker 1652-1710.

Jeremiah may have married twice given his late second marriage, but his first wife’s name is unknown.

John was a farmer in Crosscliffe, near Allerston.

Jeremiah married Isobel Elizabeth Hovington on 1 July 1702 at St Johns, Allerston, Yorkshire at the age of 31 years.

They had seven children –

  1. Bartholomew born 1702. Churchwarden. died 1789 Thornton-le-dale, married Elizabeth Wilkinson 1736. 7 children.
  2. Gawan born 1703 died 1772 Allerston. 1st marr Mary Dickinson 4 kids. 2nd marr Margaret.
  3. Jeremiah born 1704 died 1738 Allerston
  4. Maria born 1705 died 1722 Allerston aged 17.
  5. John born 1707 died 1765 Allerston. Married Alice. 2 children.
  6. Elizabeth born 1714 Allerston
  7. Anna born 1716 Allerston

Jeremiah died in December 1732 at his farm in Crosscliffe and was buried at Allerston on 30 December 1732.  The burial register confirms he was a farmer of Crosscliffe.

Jeremiah’s wife Isobel died ten years later and was buried on 30 December 1742 at Allerston.

Jeremiah wrote his will on 30 May 1732 at Crosscliffe, leaving bequests to his loving wife Isobel, his son Gawan, daughter Elizabeth and sons Jeremiah and Bartholomew. Also he left a lamb each to his grandsons Thomas and Gawan, children of his son Gawan.