Robert Jackson and Elizabeth Brearley

Robert (Robertus) Jackson was born in 1686 in Gisburn, Yorkshire to parents John (Johis) Jackson (1665-1692) and an unnamed wife that died in 1714.

St Mary the Virgin, Gisburn, Yorkshire

Robert was baptised on 9 May 1686 in Gisburn, Yorkshire.

He was one of many known children born to the couple – Margreta 1685, Thomas b 1687, John 1696, Elizabeth 1699, William 1701, Anna 1702 and Francisca 1704.

Robert was a farmer at Knotts, near Gisburn.

It is believed that Robert’s mother died in 1714 in Bolton by Bowland. There is a burial register entry for ‘the wife of John Jackson was buried’ on 4 June 1714. A burial entry has not been found for Robert’s father John.

Robert Jackson probably married around 1706, around the age of 21 years, but no marriage entry can be found for him.  (It is not to Mary Clough at Barnoldswick on 26 Sept 1706 children – Susan b 1708, Rachel b 1710. This Mary, widow of Robert Jackson of Salterforth was buried at Barnoldswick on 21 Mar 1724).

  1. Ralph b 1707 Bolton by Bowland. Married Hannah Clough on 1 May 1734 at Bolton By Bowland. Ralph died 1782 in Bolton by Bowland. 3 children – Ann b 1734, Mary b 1740, Robert b 1742.

Two of Robert’s sons baptisms records – Ralph b 1707 and Samuel b 1716 both display the father as ‘Robert Jackson of Knotts’.

Perhaps Robert’s first wife died in childbirth? At the age of 28 years, a Robert Jackson married an Elizabeth Brearley of Rimington on 21 October 1714 at St Mary the Virgin in Gisburn. Rimmington is two miles away from Bolton by Bowland and Gisburn.

Gisburn marriages 1714

Elizabeth was born in 1691 in Gisburn to parents William Brearley (1652-1725) and Elizabeth Hornby (1657-1759).

Robert and Elizabeth had four children together –

  1. Samuel b 1716 Knotts , d 1774 Knotts. Marr Margaret Wolfenden 1736.
  2. Robert b Knotts b 1718 , d 1725 Gisburn
  3. Elizabeth b 1724 Knotts, d Gisburn.
  4. John b 1726. d 1726 Gisburn.

The children were all baptised at the parish church of Bolton by Bowland.

There is another family, Robert’s cousin Robert born 1663 Gisburn (father Robert), who had  ten children baptised at Gisburn with father’s name Robert between 1715 and 1728. Only the last child Robert’s baptism states he was the son of Robert and Elizabeth. They are Ann b 1715, Johannes 1717, Elizabeth 1718, Sarah b 1720, Johannis 1721, Anna 1724, Isabella 1725, Johannis 1726, William b  1727 and Robert b 1728.   This Robert Jackson left a will written on 30 July 1728 , husbandman of Gill to wife Elizabeth, brother John, sisters Ann and Mabel, and children Robert and Anne. 

Robert farmed at Knotts in the Monastery of Sawley, Yorkshire.

Knotts near Bowland

An Elizabeth Jackson died in February 1728  and was buried on 15 February 1728 at Gisburn.  She was stated to be the wife of Robert Jackson.

Robert died in 1754 at Gill and was buried at Bolton by Bowland on 29 March 1754. His 1754 will administration is available at the Borthwick institute reference Vol 98 F.

St Peters, Bolton by Bowland

Transcribed parish registers from 1725 for Bolton by Bowland are online here.

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