Michelle’s Paternal Ancestors

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3 x great grandparents, 4 x great grandparents

Henry Aldridge and Margaret Agnew (Violet Town connection of Harriet White)

Alan Davis and Ella Jackson (Michelle’s paternal grandparents)
Samson Davis and Maud Stow (Alan Davis’ parents)
George Davis and Elizabeth Cullinan (Samson Davis’ parents)
Denis Cullinan and Alice McMahon (Elizabeth’s parents)
Albert Jackson and Kate Miles (Ella Davis’ parents)
Edward Stow and Emily Pike (Maud Davis’ parents)
Alfred Pike and Augusta Shambler (Emily Stow’s parents)
Laurence Jackson and Mahalia Mead (Albert Jackson’s parents)
William Miles and Harriet White (Kate Jackson’s parents)
Richard White and Emma Smith (Harriet Miles’s parents)
Isaiah Mead and Mary Ann Ruff (Mahalia Jackson’s parents)

Charles Wentworth and Esther White (Albert Jackson’s adoptive parents)
Eden White and Mary Ann Camm (Richard White’s brother and wife)
Edward Davis and wives Hannah Minogue & Barbara Rawiller (George Davis’ brother)
Robert Jackson and Arthur Jackson (Albert Jackson’s brothers)

Dr Samson Davis and Anne Rathbone (George Davis’ parents)
Joseph Davis and his wives Eliza and Sylvia Hodges (Dr Samson Davis’ brother)
Samuel Samson Davis and Betty Holbrook (Dr Samson Davis’ parents)
John Davis and Sarah Biddle (Samuel Samson Davis’s parents)
Thomas Holbrook and wife Dorothy (Betty Davis’ parents)
Thomas Rawbone and Mary Reeves (Anne Davis’ parents)
John Beaver and Ann Pilcher (Mary Stow’s parents)

Andrew Cullinan and Catherine Fogarty (Denis Cullinan’s parents)

Alexander Stow and Mary Jameson (Edward Stow’s parents)
John Stow and Mary Beaver (Alexander Stow’s parents)

John Jackson and Sarah Bramley (Laurence Jackson’s parents)
Richard Jackson and Grace Dewhurst (John Jackson’s parents)
Samuel Jackson jnr and Hannah Geldard (Richard Jackson’s parents)
Samuel Jackson snr and Margaret Wolfendale (Samuel Jackson jnr’s parents)

Robert Fisher and Leah Weale
James Miles and Sarah Wyatt
William Miles and Charlotte Skilton
Richard Skilton and Ann Hide
John Wyatt and Sarah Fisher (Sarah Miles’ parents)

Hercules Jameson and Sarah Jay (Mary Stow’s parents)

Robert Rixon and Elizabeth Croxford
Henry Rixon and Maria Littlepage
John Britnell and Sarah Whitford
John Britnell and Mary Croxford
John Wyatt and Rachel Cockbill
Eden White jnr and Maria Britnell (Richard White’s parents)
Eden White snr and Mary Rixon (Eden White jnr’s parents)
Eden White most snr and Sarah Wall (Eden White snr’s parents)
Charles White and Jane Cooper (Eden White most snr’s parents)

William Whitford and Ann Dyson

James Ruff and Susannah Brockwell
King Ruff and Elizabeth Bellamy
James Ruff and Susan Jarvis
Henry Ruff and Susannah Barley
Edward Brockwell and Frances Rogers

Richard Whitford and Ann James

Lawrence Bramley jnr and Sarah Speight
Lawrence Bramley snr and Margaret Preston

Thomas Mead and Mary Stearns

Thomas Rawbone and Hannah Taylor
Christopher Reeves and Ruth Parrott
Emmanuel Reeves and Mary Markham

James Jays and Mary Page

William Pike and Ann Simms
George Shambler and Charlotte Wheeler
Richard Shambler and Mary Witt
James Wheeler and Ann Brett