Brendan’s Maternal Ancestors

See the CHARTS page for relationships. Convicts are in italics.

grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents,
3 x great grandparents, 4 x great grandparents, 5 x great grandparents

Gawan Pickering and Mary Toft (Henry Pickering’s parents)
James Toft and Elizabeth Mobbs (Mary Toft Pickering’s parents)
Elizabeth Mobbs Toft and William Mannix (see above)
William Morgan and Ellen Redchester (Sarah Morgan’s parents)
Frederick Meredith jnr and Sarah Morgan (Mary Pickering’s parents)
Frederick Meredith snr and Sarah Mason, Mary Allen, Ann Case and Mary Kirk
Thomas Westly, Thomas Hyland (husbands of Ann Toft – sister of Mary)
William Mitchell, Joseph Goodall, Richard Hyde (husbands of Elizabeth Toft – sister of Mary)
Henry/Ely Pullin (husband of Sarah Toft – sister to Mary)
Mary Pullin (mother of Henry/Ely Pullin)
William Milverton (brother of Daniel Milverton 3 x great grandfather)

Charles N Pickering and Doris Gallagher (grandparents)
Charles M Pickering and Isobel Bolle (Charles N Pickering’s parents)
John Gallagher and Elizabeth Prideaux (Doris Pickering’s parents)
Charles H Pickering and Mary Milverton (Charles M Pickering’s parents)
Nicholas William Bolle and Mary Clarke (Isobel Pickering’s parents)
Henry Pickering and Mary Meredith (Charles H Pickering’s parents)

Patrick Gallagher and Bridget Fennessy (John Gallagher’s parents)
Thomas Gallagher and Catherine Fennessy (John P Gallagher’s parents)
Edmond Fennessy and Mary Conheidy  (Catherine Gallagher’s parents)
Nicholas Bolle and Rosanna Farrell (Nicholas M Bolle’s parents)
Daniel Farrell and Hannah Fox (Rosanna Bolle’s parents)
Michael Clarke and Margaret Simons (Mary Bolle’s parents)
James Simons and Mary Ryan (Mary Clarke’s parents)
John Ryan and Margaret Darmody (Mary Simons’s parents)

Daniel Milverton and Mary Ridge (Mary Pickering’s parents)

George Prideaux and Phillipa Simmonds (Elizabeth Gallagher’s parents)
Stephen Prideaux and Jane Jeffrey (George Prideaux’s parents)
Arthur Prideaux and Jane Stephens (Stephen Prideaux’s parents)
George Jeffrey and Mary Bennetts (Arthur Prideaux’s parents)
Robert Simmons and Maria Bellman (Phillipa Prideaux’s parents)
Charles Bellman and Jenefer Webster (Maria Simmon’s parents)

Thomas Pickering and Hannah Wood (Gawan Pickering’s parents)
Gawan Pickering and Mary Dickinson
Jeremiah Pickering and Elizabeth Hovingham
George Pickering and Elizabeth Walker
John Pickering junior and Elizabeth
John Pickering senior and Elizabeth
William Pickering and Alice Redshaw

James Milverton and Ann Membry (Daniel Milverton’s parents)
James Milverton and Sarah Stanton
James Milverton and Elizabeth Scriven
James Milverton and Amy Bailey
William Milverton (convict)

Peter Toft and Mary Bowman
Timothy Toft and Mary Finch
Thomas Toft
John Toft
Thomas Toft and Susan Chapman
John Toft d 1628
Peter Finch and Elizabeth Mackerell 
James Bowman and Ann
John Mackerell and Anne Browne
John Mackerell and Abigaile Anton
Nicholas Mackerell and Abigail Dackett
Elias Browne and Ann Voute
John Browne and Alice 
Oliver Dackett  
John Anton and Mary Wydoot 
Robert Voute and Ann Gyles
Nicholas Voute and Ellen
Robert Voute born France 
Edmund Chapman
Margery Hare
Elizabeth Fortescue
Susan Cardinal

Henry Finch and Mary Hammond
Peter Finch and Katherine Prescott

Nicholas J Bolle and Rosanne Farrell (Nicholas M Bolle’s parents)
Heinrich Bolle and Friedericke Hartmann (Nicholas J Bolle’s Parents)
Heinrich Bolle and Josepha Rothkam (Heinrich Bolle’s parents)
August Hartmann and Ilse Botel (Friedericke Bolle’s parents)