Early Boho Crown Land Grants

Crown Grantees Index pre 1880 (Lands Department)

The names listed are those of the persons who are recorded as the first buyers or
selectors of land from the Crown – hence the term ‘Crown Grantee’.

Parish of Boho
Surname, Name, Section, Allotment, Year

Britnell, Jonah, 39, 1864
Burke, G, 1A, 1874
Cribben, T H, 58B, 1867
Girein, F, 37B, 1874
Harns, W N, 15, 1866
Hoskin, T, 17-20, 1871
Law, B G, 52J, 1867
Law, V P, 52J, 1867
Linard, H, 21A and 21B, 1872
McGillicuddy, Patrick, 38, 1862
McKenzie, Robert, 34A & B, 1863
Pendergast, J, 66 & 66A, 1866
Wigan, O, 5A & B, 6B, 1872

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