John Mackerell and Anne Browne

John Mackerell was born in 1643 in Norwich, Norfolk, England to parents John Mackerell (1618-1659) and Abigaile Anton (1620-1695).

St Johns, Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolk

At the age of 26 years John married Anne Browne  on 24 August 1669 at the church of St John, Lakenham in Norwich, a mile south of the city centre of Norwich.

Anne Browne was born 31 December 1746 in Lakenham, to parents Elias Brown (1605-1660) and Ann Vout (1619-1710).

Elias was a clockmaker and goldsmith working in Norwich from 1633 to 1660.  He also served as Sheriff of Norwich.

Elias’s daughter Ann Browne was baptised on 6 January 1647 at St Peters Mancroft in Norwich.

St Johns Lakenham marriage register

John was a merchant and Alderman of the city of Norwich.

In 1659 a petition was submitted by John Mackerell junior stating that he was son of John Mackerell of Norwich. He and his father having for fourscore years past, used three Mackerell naiant as Arms family came out of the Low Countries and settled in Norwich in the reign of Elizabeth I. The petitioner was born in 1644 and no pedigree or coat of Arms is registered for him at the College of Arms; and he therefore seeks a confirmation of the Arms with colours assigned, and the grant of a Crest. College of Arms.

John and Anne had eleven children, and all were baptised at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich –

  1. Ann b 1670 and d 1681 Norwich, mentioned on memorial plaque.
  2. Elizabeth b 1671 d 1719 Norwich married Rev Peter Finch, 8 children.
  3. Mary b 1672 Norwich
  4. John b 1673 Norwich
  5. Peter b 1675 d 1697 Norwich, aged 22 years
  6. Charles b 1677 d 1728 Norwich married Mary Demee, 9 children. Will 1728.
  7. Benjamin b 1679 d 1679 Norwich
  8. Sarah b 1681 marr Thomas Bayly, 3 children.
  9. Anne b 1682 married William Slater, 3 children.
  10. Benjamin b 1685 d 1738 Norwich. Marr Lydia Knights and Anne. 13 children. Famous librarian of Norwich Public Library 1716-1732. Authored and printed books.
  11. Elias b & d 1686 Norwich

14 Rampant Horse St Norwich

John was known to have lived at 14 Rampant Horse Street in Norwich. He appears on a Norwich photographic website about Norwich here. The entry reads –

14 Rampant Horse St, Norwich – A notable occupant was John Mackerell, who died in 1723 aged 80 and lies buried with his wife in St Peter Mancroft Church.

He was the father of Benjamin, author of manuscript histories of Norwich, (




John Mackerell Coat of Arms Norwich

John Mackerell, merchant of Norwich, was granted a Coat of Arms on 10th April 1718.

The arms depict three mackerell fish on azure (blue) and vert (green) background. His pedigree is recorded in the Norfolk Record Office.

In 1677 John appears on a list of the Dutch Congregation in Norwich. The list consists of members in 1677 that contributed to the maintenance of the service of the Netherland Reformed Church at Norwich.

John appears as ‘Jan Makreel’ in dutch, and was noted as a ‘Dutch Stranger’ in East Anglia or a foreigner.

On 30 July 1689 John appears in a mortgage document –

Mortgage by John Yallop of Norwich, ironmonger, to John Mackerell of Norwich, mercer, of tenements in parish of St Clement’s. (Norfolk Record Office).

In 1702 he is recorded in the United Kingdom Poll Book for Norwich, and in 1706 is mentioned in the Letters of Administration for the probate of his mother Abigail Mackerell.

In 1710 he is recorded in the Voting Register for Parliament, as John Mackerell, freeholder, along with his son Charles Mackerell, freeholder.

He is appears again in the 1716 Election Poll for St Peters, Mancroft, Norwich.

Letters Patent dated 10 April 1718 were granted to John Mackerell enabling him to bear the Arms Per fess Azure and Vert three Mackerel naiant Or. A Crest was granted, namely on a Wreath Or and Azure A Horseman’s Spear erected in pale the staff. College of Arms.

John’s wife Ann Mackerell died on 9 January 1722 in Norwich and was buried at St Peters, Mancroft. John died the following year on 16 March 1723 and was also buried there in the parish church where a moment commemorates his passing.

A plaque in the church of St Peter Mancroft in Norwich records the burial of Benjamin 1679 and Anne 1681, children of John Mackerell and his wife Anne. British History Online.  This is the translation –

St Peters Mancroft Norwich – latin translation

The PCC will of John Mackerell, Gentleman of Norwich, Norfolk dated 27 April 1724 left  bequests to his only surviving two sons Benjamin and Charles, his son in law John Porter, his daughter Ann Slater and her son William Slater, and to a charity school. He was quite wealthy and also bequeathed South Seas Company stock.

Mackerell Coat of Arms in St Peter Mancroft Norwich Norfolk