Early Boho settlers in newspapers

The following list of Boho people were mentioned in early newspapers of the district such as the North Eastern Ensign (Benalla) and the Euroa Advertiser. 

North Eastern Ensign 1882 Land Lease found on TROVE

Usually more information about the leases, sometimes including the Crown Allotment number or number of acres can be found in the local newspaper online on the TROVE website of the National Library of Australia. See the example above.

More information may also be found in the Victorian Government Gazette Online Archive 1836-1997 index.  Click on the link above and try putting in a name or place name in the search box.

1872 – John Field, 20 acres 13B parish of Boho (North Eastern Ensign)

1874 – John Reardon, Boho 120 acres, Local Land Board (North Eastern Ensign)

1874 – James Coghlan, Boho – leases approved (North Eastern Ensign)

1874 – John Hoskin, Boho – leases approved (North Eastern Ensign)

1875 – C T Hammond, Boho – licenses approved (North Eastern Ensign)

1875 – D Fegan, Boho – licenses approved (North Eastern Ensign)

1882 – Michael Reardon, 320 acres, labourer, aged 18, never selected, applications recommended ((North Eastern Ensign)

1882 – James Byrne, Boho – application for license (North Eastern Ensign)

1882 – John Mitchell, pt32 Boho 320 acres, labourer 21, single, has not selected (North Eastern Ensign)

1882  – William Edward Hill, pt 36 Boho 119acres, saddler, married 5 children, recommended (North Eastern Ensign)

1882 – Walter Guppy, application for a sawmill at Boho, license of 3 acres approved (North Eastern Ensign)

1882 – William Denning Crocker, pg35 Boho 95acres, grazier residing at Honeysuckle Station, married 8 children, already selected land 225acres at Balmattum which he still holds – application recommended (North Eastern Ensign)

1882 – Elijah Marsh, Boho, 320acres, married family of seven. (North Eastern Ensign)

1882 – Richard White junior, 100s, labourer 20 years, single (North Eastern Ensign)

1882 – Eden White, Boho, farmer married, 12 in family, already selected 199a Boho (North Eastern Ensign)

1882 – George White, Boho, 114a, single, 26 years old, never selected (North Eastern Ensign)

1882 – Ellen Consadine, 43, 44, 45 Boho, 274a, residing with father at Maindample, never selected, 19 years old.

1885, 7 Aug – Mr John Field of Boho captured a very large dingo last week in one of his traps. Mr Field is doing good work in the capture of these animals recently. (Euroa Advertiser).

1885, 9 Jan – Mr G E Thompson, of the Sawmills Boho informs the public he has dissolved his partnership with Mr Clark. He still carries on the business of stringy bark and blue gum cut straight and true to measure. (Euroa Advertiser).

1887 – 18 Mar – a child named Higgins, of Boho, aged 3 died. (Euroa Advertiser)