Brendan’s Paternal Ancestors

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3 x great grandparents, 4 x great grandparents

Robert B Dennis and Barbara Jemson (Brendan’s grandparents)
James Dennis and Edith Skelton (Robert B Dennis’ parents)
Andrew Jemson and Annie Wallace (Barbara Dennis’ parents)
James Dennis and Elizabeth Banks (James Dennis’ parents)
William Skelton and Mary Cooper (Edith Dennis’ parents)
William R Jemson and Priscilla Wraith (Andrew Jemson’s parents)
Bartholomew Dennis and Jane Milner (James Dennis’ parents)
William Banks and Ann Dale (Elizabeth Dennis’ parents)
William Skelton and Susannah Craike (William Skelton’s parents)
Everett Cooper and Catherine Tatlock (Mary Ann Skelton’s parents)
Matthew Wraith and Mary Moody (Priscilla Wraith’s parents)
Thomas Wallace and Margaret Nixon (Joseph Wallace’s parents)

John Craike and Susannah Banks
John Craike and Rachel Crozier
Thomas Dennis and Esther Mitchell
Robert Dennis and Mary Swales
Robert Dennis and Ann Cuthbert
Robert Dennis and Isabel Douglas
Robert Dennis and Ann
Richard Banks and Elizabeth Hodgeson
John Banks and Elizabeth Taylor
Robert Banks and Ann Moody
Robert Milner and Ann Parker
Bartholomew Mitchell and Esther Burton

Joseph Wallace and Jane Foster (Annie Jemson’s parents)
Thomas Forster and Barbara Cole (Jane Wallace’s parents)
Richard Cole and Mary Wilson 

Robert Forster and Catherine Aynesly
Andrew Jemson and Priscilla Wraith (William R Jemson’s parents)

Matthew Wraith and Isabella Brown