Robert Croxford and Mabel Filbee

Robert Croxford was born about 1642 in Sydenham, Oxfordshire.

I haven’t been able to find a baptism for Robert, but online trees have him as the son of John Croxford (1613-1682) and Rachel Towne (1616-1689).

St Mary the Virgin, Thame

Robert Croxford married Mabel Filbee on 26 March 1668 at St Mary the Virgin in Thame, Oxfordshire.

Lewknor is 5 miles (8.0 km) south of Thame in Oxfordshire.

Their marriage record was recorded by Boyd’s Marriage Index as “Robert Croxford married Mary Filbee at Thame”.

Mabel was born around 1646 in Thame, the daughter of Francis Filbee (1607-1685) and Mabel Weeden (1612-1688).

I have been unable to find a baptism record for Mabel.

Robert and Mabel Croxford had the following nine children which were all baptised at Lewknor, Oxfordshire –

  1. Robert b 1668, d 1687 Lewknor, marr Mary Churchill, 1 child.
  2. Mabel b 1670, d 1671 Lewknor
  3. Ann b 1672, d 1725 Lewknor
  4. Mabel b 1675, d 1771 Lewknor, marr Andrew Brookes. 6 children.
  5. John b 1677, d 1736 Lewknor, marr Dorothy Weller, 11 children.
  6. Rachel b 1679, d 1713 Lewknor, marr Charles King, 1 child.
  7. Francis b 1682, 1736 Lewknor
  8. William b 1684, d 1753 Lewknor, marr Ann Daglee, 5 children.
  9. Richard b 1687, 1687 Lewknor.

St Marys, Lewknor

Mabel Croxford died in June 1687 at Lewknor, and was buried at St Marys, Lewknor on 9 June 1687 aged only 41 years. It appears she may have died as a result of complications after childbirth with her ninth child Richard, as she was buried 7 days after he was.

Or perhaps some type of disease, as her 19 year old son Robert died a few months later in December 1687. Mabel’s mother Mabel Filbee died a few months later in 1688. They were all buried “in woollen only, by affidavit”.

Robert Croxford, lived for another 36 years in Lewknor, and died at the age of 82 years in March 1724. He was buried at St Marys on 29 March 1724.

I haven’t been able to find a will for either Robert or Mabel Croxford.