Robert Simmons and Maria Bellman

Robert Simmons was born in 1797 near Camborne, Cornwall, England to parents James Simmons / Semmins and Jenefer Rough.

St Martin and St Meriadoc, Camborne

He was baptised at the parish church in Camborne on 2 July 1797. (Robert Semins, son of James Semins and Jenefer).

James and Jenefer had at least three children – Robert in 1797, George in 1809, and Jennifer in 1819.

On 22 July 1819, 22 year old Robert married 21 year old Maria Bellman at the Camborne parish church.

Maria was the daughter of Charles Bellman (born 1763 in Gwithian, Cornwall) and Jenefer Webster (born 1772 Camborne).

Maria was baptised on 4 March 1798 at Camborne, and was one of seven children born to the couple.

Robert and Maria had twelve children all of which that were baptised at Camborne –

  1. Maria born 1820
  2. George born 1822
  3. Robert born 1824
  4. Phillipa born 1827
  5. John born 1829
  6. Charles born 1830
  7. Betsey born 1831
  8. James born 1833
  9. George born 1835
  10. Jane born 1838
  11. Mary born 1844
  12. Emily born 1858

The last two children Mary and Emily were listed as ‘daughters’ of Robert and Maria on the census, but could perhaps be (disguised) daughters of one of the other unmarried daughters. I cannot find either baptism.

On the children’s baptism records (Cornwall Online Parish Clerk) and the census records  Robert is stated as being a copper miner in the town of Camborne.

He appears on the 1841, 1851 and 1861 census living in Camborne with his family.

  • 1841 Camborne Town – Robert, Maria, and unmarried children Phillipa, John, Elizabeth, James, George & Jane.
  • 1851 Wesley St, Camborne – Robert, Maria and unmarried children John, Elizabeth, James, George, Jane and Mary
  • 1861 by the turnpike, Camborne – Robert, Maria and unmarried children Jane, Mary and Emily.

Cornish Telegraph 13 June 1855

In June 1855 Robert was involved in a serious accident at the copper mine which was reported in the local newspaper the Cornish Telegraph.

Thankfully he recovered and was able to return to work.

Robert died on 1 June 1865 at Camborne at the age of 68 years. Probate wasn’t proved until two years after his death in February 1867.

Robert Simmons probate 1867

Maria died in Camborne in early 1871, just before the 1871 census was taken.

They are both buried at Camborne.