Barnard Kendall and Anne Snell

Barnard (Bernard) Kendall was born in 1634 at the Pelyn estate in Lanlivery, Cornwall, England.

Pelyn is a woodland estate west of Lostwithiel in Lanlivery parish, owned by the Kendall family  for over 400 years. The house was built in 1601 with subsequent eighteenth-century and Victorian additions and has been home to this local gentry family, which has produced many MPs, lawyers and clergy through the years. The house and estate has once more returned into the ownership of the Kendall family, and the new owners are committed to the restoration of the house and grounds. There is also active interest from English Heritage in the preservation of this property. (Cornwall OPC – Lanlivery).

St Brevitas Lanlivery Cornwall

Barnard was baptised on 4 February 1635 in Lanlivery, Cornwall to parents Nicholas Kendal 1598-1643 and Emeline Treffry 1602-1684).

The Furze transcript of his burial describes his baptism as Barnard Kendall, son of Nicholas, gentleman and Emlin.

The village of Lanlivery sits high on a hilltop west of Lostwithiel, surrounded by attractive cottages and just opposite a medieval inn.

The Historical Survey of the County of Cornwall, Vol 2, Pt 1, page 178 (available on googlebooks) states that ‘Bernard, third son, married ____Snell of Exeter and had issue Nicholas and Connock and a daughter Joan that died in 1675.’

Barnard married Anne Snell in 1655 (place unknown although some family trees have London, but there is a gap of years in the Lostwithiel parish registers) and had the following children –

  1. Nicholas b 1656 Lanlivery d 1739 Exeter, Devon. Married Jane Carew. 12 children.
  2. Joane b 1658 & d 1675 Lanlivery
  3. Lewis b 1661 & d 1683 Lanlivery
  4. Embeline b 1667 Lanlivery d 1738 Lostwithiel. Married John Truebody. 5 children.
  5. Connock b 1671 & d 1729 Lanlivery
  6. Mildred b 1674 & d 1714 Lanlivery

Barnard was named in the will of his father (17 May 1638, proved 18 Feb 1644, PCC), a minor, and of his brother Walter (1691, prob 12 June 1697 Archbishops Court, Cornwall).

Barnard was Mayor of Lostwithiel three times 1660-1661, 1667-1668 and again in 1690-1692.

He appears in the Hearth Tax records for 1669 at Losthwithiel as Mr Bernard Kendall, Lostwithiel Borough, Powder Hundred, 6 ex. (Cornwall OPC).

Barnard appears in many documents held at the National Archives in London –

  • 1669 Bargain Sale (Lease and Release). £70.
    (i) Nevill Peeters of Lostwithiel, mercer etc and
    (ii) Bernard Kendall of Lostwithiel, gent. House in Lostwithiel, north High Street, with barn and orchard belonging, north Coblake. Formerly land of Nichs Kendall.
  • 1671 Court of Chancery Pleadings – Kendall v Harvey.
    Plaintiffs: Barnard Kendall. Defendants: John Harvey and Richard Williams.

    Subject: money matters, Cornwall. Document type: bill and answer
  • 1674 Court of Chancery pleadings – Kendall v Tredenham. Plaintiffs: Walter Kendall and Barnard Kendall. Defendants: Sir Joseph Tredenham  and [unknown] Hancock. Subject: money matters, Cornwall.
  • 1675 Petition of Dame Katherine Moone [Mohun], widow Petitioner being seised of a place called Saltmarsh, in the parish of Prundrath, Cornwall, one Barnard Kendall violently entered the same, and took possession.
  • 1682 Court of Chancery Pleadings – Kendall v Hancock. Plaintiffs: Bernard Kendall. Defendants: Robert Hancock, clerk and John Foote. money matters, Cornwall.
  • 1685 Public Office, Records of Rashleigh of Stoketon, Saltash. Appointment of Bernard Kendall of Lostwithiel as deputy.
  • 1690 99 year lease – Bernard Kendall, mayor, and burgesses, to Ralph Cripps of Lostwithiel, fellmonger. House, garden and stitch of land.
  • 1690 Court of Chancery Pleadings. Mynerds v Carne. Plaintiffs: Denzil Mynerds. Defendants: Jonathan Carne, Bernard Kendall and Thomas Allen. Subject: property in Pelynt, Cornwall.
  • 1692 Deeds and Leases property in and near Lostwithiel. Corporation property 7 year lease – Bernard Kendall, mayor, and burgesses, to Rich. Rundle of Lanlivery, tanner. Poldew.
  • 1693 Bargain and Sale Lease and Release £50. (i) Bernard Kendall of Lostwithiel, gent. (ii) Wm. Webber of Lostwithiel, mercer .Endsd. with note of voidance of deed if (i) repaid consideration by 26 March following. Witd. Thos. Lawrence, Charles Farr.

In 1700  he inherited the family estate from his brother Walter via his brother Charles who both died without children.

Barnard died in April 1704 at Lanlivery, and was buried on 18 April 1704 –

Bernard Kendall, gentleman certificates were brought of their being buried in woollen according to ye Act of Parliament in that case made & provided. Seen & allowed by us at Grampound the 12th of April 1705.

His wife Anne died in May 1706 also at Lanlivery and was buried there on 10 May 1706. The burial register report her as the wife of Bernard Kendall, gentleman.

Kendall Pedigree from Visitation of Cornwall 1620 by Vivian p259