Boho Inquests

An inquest is a legal inquiry held to establish the exact cause of death of an individual where the death does not appear to be of natural or a known cause. If it was found that the  death was the result of a crime, it could also commit an accused for trial.

The inquest records relate to deaths that occurred  when a person died suddenly, was killed, died whilst in prison, drowned, died whilst a patient in an asylum, or was an infant ward of the state and died under suspicious circumstances, among other circumstances.

The following Boho people have inquest files recorded at the Public Record Office of Victoria, some of which are able to be downloaded electronically. Some inquests may be held at Violet Town, Boho or Benalla.

Most of these records are available to download by clicking on the year/file number, and then choosing VIEW RECORD. Warning – some information may be distressing or upsetting.

Click here to search for an inquest file for anyone.

John FOOTTER Cause of death: Drowned; Location of inquest: Boho; Date of inquest: 06 Mar 1915. CITATION:VPRS 24/ P0  unit 921,  item 1915/150 1916/999

Jenny WHITE Cause of death: Burns; Location of inquest: Boho; Date of inquest: 07 Oct 1916. CITATION:VPRS 24/ P0  unit 944,  item 1916/999 1896/896

Andrew MITCHELL Cause of death: Heart disease; Location of inquest: Boho; Date of inquest: 24 Jul 1896. CITATION:VPRS 24/ P0  unit 660,  item 1896/896 1945/685

Annice Ann KING Cause of death: Uraemia; Location of inquest: Boho South; Date of inquest: 01 Jul 1945. CITATION:VPRS 24/ P0  unit 1519,  item 1945/685 1910/851

John HAMMOND Cause of death: Aneurism of aorta; Location of inquest: Boho South; Date of inquest: 10 Sep 1910. CITATION:VPRS 24/ P0  unit 857,  item 1910/851 1918/1023

Herbert John FIELD Cause of death: Accident from horse bolting; Location of inquest: Boho nr Violet Town; Date of inquest: 16 Dec 1918. CITATION:VPRS 24/ P0  unit 971,  item 1918/1023 1920/478

Daniel and Mary Ethel RAINEY SMITH (JUNIOR) Cause of death: Smith – Self-inflicted gun shot wound Rainey – Gun shot wound inflicted by Daniel Smith (Junior); Location of inquest: Boho; Date of inquest: 13 May 1920. CITATION:VPRS 24/ P0  unit 992,  item 1920/478

Newspapers can also be searched for more details about the accident or incident that lead to the persons death by looking in the local newspaper online on the TROVE website of the National Library of Australia.