Michelle’s Maternal Ancestors

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grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents,
3 x great grandparents, 4 x great grandparents, 5 x great grandparents
6 & above great grandparents

Susanna Mill (Milne)
Joseph Pooler

William Gordon Mills and Olive Gray
Ernest Mills and Eliza Hutton
James Mills and Frances Richey
Alfred Hutton and Asenath Jennings
George Gray and Isobel Luke
Charles Hutton and Eliza McSweeney
George Robson and Asenath Jennings
Robert Robson and Jean Main

David Main and Agnes Mungall
David Main and Jean Russell
John Main and Katherine Russell
David Main and Beatrix Richie
Henry Mungall and Jean Grindley
Robert Grindley and Margaret Caldwell
Andrew Mungall and Agnes Waddall
Andrew Mungall and Elizabeth Taillyour
Andrew Mungall and Janet Brown
Andrew Mungall and Marion Shaw
James Mungall and Margaret Boyd
William Mungall and Marion Baird
John Waddell and Marie Whyt
Alexander McCombe and Mary Maxwell 

Susanna Mill
George Milne and Helen Shand
Alexander Milne and Isabel Clerk
William Milne and Mary Johnston
Alexander Milne and Elspet Smith
George Milne and Janet Anderson
George Milne and Marjorie Davidson
the following ancestral line below is unproven by documentation,
but DNA links were found.
John Mylne and Agnes Fraser
John Mylne and Isobel Wilson
John Mylne and Helen Kenneries
Thomas Mylne and Margaret Spalding
Robert Mylne and Elizabeth Olifer
John Mylne – master mason to James IV

Henry Richey and Jane Chapman
Andrew Richey and Sarah Ridgely
Thomas Ridgely and Sarah

Alexander Richey
Rev George Richey and Elizabeth McCombe 
Charles Richey

Rev Alexander McCombe
James McCombe

Alexander McCombe and Mary Maxwell

Thomas Jennings and Sarah Hall
Thomas Jennings and Susanna Barnicoat
John Jennings and Loveday Herring
Henry Barnicoat and Susannah Lavis
Nicholas Kendall and Jane Carew
Barnard Kendall and Anne Snell
Nicholas Kendall and Emeline Treffrey
Walter Kendall and Catherine Hellyar
Walter Kendall and Agnes Beville
Nicholas Kendall and Loveday Killowe
Walter Kendall and Jane Rous

Thomas Carew and Wilmot Lampen

George Brown and Mary Cuthbertson
Henry Gray and Jane Brown
William Gray and Jane Newton
Henry Brown and Jane
Job Gray and Jane Wind
George Luke and Mary Smith (Jane/Jenny Luke’s parents)
Robert Luke and Mary Young (George Luke’s parents)
Richard Luke and Anne (Robert Luke’s parents)
John Young and Mary Hobson (Mary Luke’s parents)
William Newton and Margaret Pratt (Jane Gray’s parents)

John Luke and Isabel Ritson
Jane Luke and G Nicholson, R Walton
Francis Ritson and Mary Maddison
Josiah Maddison and Isabella Elrington
William Maddison and Ann Legetter
Edward Newton and Elizabeth Wilkinson
Robert Elrington and Isabella Soulsby
William Ellerington and Isabel Lowes
Robert Elrington and Mary Surtis
William Elrington and Isabel and Dorothy
James Maddison and Ann

Benjamin Hutton and Maria Rowe Pierce
Charles Pierce and Martha Taylor
Adam Pierce and Elisabeth Kendall
Samuel Pierce and Elizabeth Guswell
Eyles Pierce and Mary Parsons
Adam Pierce and Jane
Abraham Guswell and Rebecca Bawden
Humphrey Bawden and Elizabeth Poole
Charles Kendall and Elizabeth Northmore
Nicholas Kendall and Jane Carew
Barnard Kendall and Anne Snell
William Northmore and Anne Hutton
John Northmore and Johanne Stronge
William Hutton and 
Thomas Carew and Wilmot Lampen