WW2 soldiers of Violet Town

World War 2 Service Records

WW2 soldier Charles Pickering

The National Archives of Australia in Canberra holds over 500 service records of soldiers that gave their place of birth as Violet Town on enlistment.

Many of the records have been digitised and are available for immediate download, printing and viewing.

The records contain fascinating information on the soldiers lives including their war service, physical descriptions, photographs, and often letters from family members to the war office inquiring as to their location.

To find a soldiers record (including those that served in the Home Guard), click on the following link for the National Archives of Australia and key in your soldier’s full name. If you also add the words Violet Town it will narrow down the number of entries displayed. This will bring up the entries with either a place of birth or enlistment as Violet Town.

For example, below you can see the entry for my grandfather Alan Davis, who served in the home guard at Boho. The record lists his service number, date of birth, place of birth, place of enlistment, and next of kin.

National Archives of Australia website

Importantly you can tell if the record has been digitised and is ready for immediate viewing by the paper symbol on the right hand side. Simply click on the symbol, and view digital copy to view the file. If the symbol is not displayed to the right of the record it will mean you will need to order the record by clicking on the index entry and choosing request copy. NAA will then digitise the file and make it available electronically for future requests.