Andrew Cullinan and Catherine Fogarty

Andrew Cullinan was born near the townland of Killeen, in the parish of Ruan in County Clare, Ireland around 1781.

Killeen near Corofin, Clare, Ireland

He was most likely (but not proven) the son of Hugh Cullinan (1764-1808) and Catherine Whelan. Hugh is buried in the Ruan Parish Catholic Cemetery and his headstone states he was aged 44 when he died on 2 July 1808, husband of Catherine Whelan. See here Ruan Graveyard Inscriptions.

The farming area of Killeen is in the Roman Catholic parish of Ruan, Clare, and in some older records it can be found in the bordering parish of Rath, Clare. I’ve also found records listed under Killeen and Culleen, in the parish of Dysert. It is in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Killaloe.

Burren National Park

Killeen is a farming district 2 kms from the town of Corofin, near the Burren National Park. The Burren National Park is located in the southeastern corner of the Burren and is approximately 1500 hectares in size.

The word “Burren” comes from an Irish word “Boíreann” meaning a rocky place. An extremely appropriate name, given the lack of soil cover and the extent of exposed limestone rock formations.

Cliffs of Moher Clare Ireland

Killeen is only 5 min by car from the village of Corofin and 14 minutes from Ennis, the county town of County Clare.

The Wild Atlantic Way and the famously rugged Cliffs of Moher are within 20 minutes drive of the town. One of Ireland’s most famous tourist attractions, the Cliffs of Moher  are dramatic sea cliffs, located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region in County Clare, Ireland. They run for about 14 kilometres along the coast.


The Barony of Inchiquin, of which Killeen is a townland within, was mentioned in A Census of Ireland: c1659 by Seamus Pender (Ed.), Government Publications, ©1939, Sale Office, Dublin.

County Clare, Inchiquin Barony: p. 177. The number of people* in this barony included 34 English, 1,961 Irish, totalling 1,995 English and Irish. The principal names include O’Culenane (13), O’Hehir (12), McConnor (11), O’Connor (2), Hogane & O’Hogane (13), FitzMorrish (9), Roch (6), O’Dae (11), Fitzgerald, etc. (10).

*women and children not included.

The townland area of Killeen, pictured on the map below, covers an area of .35 square miles, covering 222 acres.

Map of Killeen (inside blue line) situated between Corofin &  Ruan

Facts about Andrew Cullinan of Killeen, Ruan –

  • 1781 – Andrew may have been born around 1781 (possible death certificate found – Corofin district, Ireland, Qtr 1, Vol 4, No 162, aged 84 in 1865).
  • Recorded as the father (mother Catherine Fogarty) of Denis Cullinan (Australian death certificate 1880)
  • 1840- Clare, Ireland Registry of Freeholds – Andrew, John and Michael Cullinan, Killeen, Clare, Ireland.
  • 1840 – List of Applications Delivered to the Clerk of the Peace, County Clare, claiming to register Freeholds at the Ennis Sessions Oct 17 1810 – Andrew Cullinan, Killeen, 10 pounds, registry. (Clare Journal, and Ennis Advertiser 1 October 1840)
  • 1843 – Killeen, Ruan – Tithe Applotment Books – occupiers of land – Andrew and Patrick Cullinan. Also listed for Killeen are farmers John Fogarty (possible wife’s father) and Michael Feighery (possible son James’wife’s father).
  • 1856 – Killeen, Ruan – Griffiths Valuation of Ireland, four separate areas including house and land. Occupier Andrew Cullinan, Lessor John O’Brien.
  • 1860-1865  – Killeen – Electoral Voting – Andrew Cullinan, rated occupier 13 acres, John rated occupier 18 acres.

Killeen Ruan Ireland 1856 Griffiths Valuation

Andrew had two possible siblings also found in records for the townland of Killeen –

John born 1785 died 1875 Killeen. 1856 Griffiths Valuation of Ireland.

  • 1821 – Freeholders in the District of Corofin – John Cullinan,tenant, landowner Captain Scott.
  • 1840- Clare, Ireland Registry of Freeholds – Andrew, John and Michael Cullinan, Killeen, Clare, Ireland.
  • 1846 – John Cullinan, secretary of the Corofin Relief Committee, sends several letters to the district commissioners begging for Indian corn and grants of money to help the starving and destitute in the surrounding area. He writes compelling arguments stating that the poor of the district were now facing their second day without food.
  • 1853 – John Cullinan appears on the list of tenants in Killeen on Encumbered Estates.
      John Cullinan Ireland Encumbered Estates Killeen 1853
  • 1856 – John and Michael Cullinan, townland of Killeen, bordering parish of Rath and Ruan.
  • 1857 – John appears in the Court of Petty Sessions in Corofin, on 12th August, charged with wilful trespass by cutting hay. The complainant is Margaret O’Brien, spinster (no doubt a relation of the landowner John O’Brien).
  • 1860-1865 – Killeen – Electoral Roll Voting – Andrew rated occupier 13 a 4 r, John rated occupier 18 a 5 r.
  • 1867 – Court of Petty Sessions Corofin – John is charged with having an unsecured dog.

John Cullinan died in 1875 in the Corofin registration district, aged 90 years.

Michael  born ca 1797 Ruan,Clare, died 1877.

  • 1821 – Freeholders in the District of Corofin – Michael Cullinan, tenant, landowner O’Brien
  • 1840- Clare, Ireland Registry of Freeholds – Andrew, John and Michael Cullinan, Killeen, Clare, Ireland.
  • 1855 Griffiths Valuation for Killeen with Andrew Cullinan.

Michael Cullinan died in 1877 in the Corofin Registration district aged 80. (Death certificate – Qtr 1, Vol 4, Page 144).

One of these two possible brothers may have married a woman named Ellen who was born around 1801. A death certificate of an Ellen Cullinan who died on 27 Mar 1879, aged 78, a widow of a farmer of Killeen was found. (Death Certificate – registration district Corofin – Qtr 1, Vol 4, page 151.)

Andrew Cullinan married Catherine Fogarty around 1820 in Ruan, Clare, Ireland.

Catherine was born around 1794 and was the daughter of John Fogarty. John appears twice in the records for Killeen –

  • 1843 Ireland Tithe Applotment books – John Fogarty, Killeen, Ruan
  • 1856 Ireland Griffiths Valuation records – occupier John Fogarty, owner John O’Brien, Killeen, Ruan – house and land (next door to Andrew Cullinan).
  • Irish Tithe Applotments, Killeen, 1843

Irish Tithe Applotment Book 1843

Andrew and Catherine had the following children –

  1. John – born ca 1815 Killeen, Ruan, died 1 Sept 1893 Westport, Mayo, Ireland. John of Killeen, joined the Royal Irish Constabulary in 1838, and was recommended by John O’Brien Esq (landowner of Andrew above).John married Mary Tighe (died 14 July 1890 Westport, Mayo) on 21 Oct 1847 in County Mayo. John and Mary had eleven children – Catherine (1848-1848?), Michael (1850), Jane (1850-1937), Mary Anne (1853-1915), Catherine Kate (1856-1937), John William (1859-1892), Teresa (1861-1864), James (1863-1887), Andrew (1865-1939),  Teresa Susan  (1868-1870) and Emily (1871-1954). John joined the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) in 1838 and served in Mayo. John O’Brien Esq (who recommended him for the RIC) owned land in the Killeen and his father Andrew Cullinan was a tenant farmer of John O’Brien.In 1876 John, who was serving as an Irish Constable in County Mayo, retired from the force and received a Police Pension. John died in Westport and left a will in 1893.

    John Cullinan Royal Irish Constabulary Pensions 1873

  2. Michael born 1825 Killeen, may have married Judy Tierney on 16 Feb 1847 in Ruan. (witnesses Honora Cullinan and Patrick Faul) and/or Johanna Feighery in August 1852 in Ruan. (witnesses Michael Feaghery and Frank Whelan?). Possible death in 1886 in nearby Kilkeedy, aged 60.
  3. James born in 1826 Killeen , died 1879 in Killeen. He married Joanna Susan Feighery (born 1814 died 1917 Killeen) in 1852 in Ruan parish church. In Irish culture, the names Johanna and Susan are interchangeable, variants of the same name. See more information about Irish names here.His brother Denis Cullinan appears as a witness/sponsor to the baptism of James’daughter Bridget baptised in Ruan in 1853.

    James Cullinan

    James and Johanna had eight children – Michael (1852-1924), Bridget (1853-1934), Andrew (1855-1917), John (1857-1925), James (1858-1949), Mary (1860-1945), Mary (1860-1945), Catherine (1862-1928) and Patrick (1864-1893).

    Four of their children immigrated to Australia – Michael and Bridget, came to South Australia in July 1874 aboard the “Glenlyon” and John and James also immigrated to Australia. Patrick immigrated to the USA. More info on this family can be found here.

    One of James and Johanna’s children, James Cullinan, married Margaret McMahon who was the granddaughter of Thomas McMahon and Mary Collins. Margaret was a niece of my 3 x great grandmother Alice McMahon who married Denis Cullinan.

    Old Dysart Ruan church graveyard

    James died on 3 Apr 1879 Killeen, farmer (death certificate), and is buried in the Old Dysart Church graveyard aged 63.

    A descendant, Mr Doug Curran, of Mildura, wrote a book on James and his descendants, called “The family history of James Cullinan 1816-1990”. The book was written to commemorate the family reunion of the descendants of James Cullinan held at Mildura, Victoria, 9th & 10th June 1990. (Sunnyland Press Pty. Ltd., Red Cliffs, Victoria, 1990).

  4. Margaret born 1830 Killeen, married John Flannigan 1854 Ruan. They had a daughter Mary in 1865 in nearby Crusheen.
  5. Denis born 1831 Killeen, died 1880 Trentham, Victoria, Australia. Married Alice McMahon 1854 Ruan, and immigrated to Australia in 1858.7 children.
  6. Honora born 1833 Killeen, married Patrick Mengoven 25 April 1844 in Ruan. (witnesses James Flyn and Mary Whelan). Patrick joined the Irish Constabulary.
  7. Patrick born 1840 Killeen, possibly immigrated to Australia and was in Kyneton with brother Denis in 1877.

Ruan Parish Catholic marriages can be found online here.

Their mother Catherine Cullinan died in 1864 aged 70 years.

Her husband Andrew Cullinan died on 11 March 1865 at his home in Killeen. His death certificate states he was a farmer, a widower, aged 84, and that he died of old age and debility. The informant was James Cullinan, occupant (his son).


There was also another Cullinan male of a similar age that may possibly be a cousin to the above children. This John may be the son of John Cullinan 1785-1875, possible brother of Andrew.


Amazingly, the Cullinan farmhouse of Killeen, inhabited by many generations of the Cullinan family, still survives, and today is a Bed and Breakfast establishment on Air BnB. There are lots of lovely photos of the house, inside and out, and of the surrounding area.

Cullinan farmhouse Killeen Ruan Clare Ireland

Ruan Cemetery Headstone Records list a Hugh Cullinan born 1764, died 2 Jul 1808 aged 44, wife Catherine Whelan. See here Ruan Graveyard Inscriptions.

Death Certificates of Interest -Corofin Registration District (which covers Killeen)

  • Andrew, b 1781 d 1865, Qtr 1, Vol 4 162
  • Michael, b 1797 d 1877, Qtr 1, Vol 4, 144
  • John, b 1785 d 1875, Qtr 1, Vol 4, 161
  • Catherine, b 1795 d 1875, Qtr 1, Vol 4, 162
  • John, b 1793 d 1871, Qtr 2 Vol 9, 128
  • Honor, b 1790 d 1870, Qtr 2, Vol 9, 139

1901 Census of Killeen, Ruan, Clare, Ireland
This is the widow and children of James Cullinan b 1826 above. Note Susan is also known as Johanna Feighery.
Cullinan family
Susan aged 75 (head, widow)
Andrew aged 40 (son)
Mary aged 35 (daughter)

1911 Census of Killeen, Ruan, Clare, Ireland
Cullinan family
Susan aged 85 (head, widow)
Andrew aged 55 (son, married)
Mary aged 50 (sister of Andrew)
Mary aged 29 (wife of Andrew)

There are still Feighery and Fogarty families living in Killeen in 1911. See here for 1911 Killeen census families.

Online Clare, Ireland Records from Clare Library