Heirlooms are a window into our family history, and the people that came before us. They are intended to honor our family and traditions. Here are some of the special keepsakes in our family.

Michelle’s 4th great grandfather

Portable writing desk of Samuel Samson Davis 1780-1832 London
inside the portable writing desk – silver spoons and tongs
The desk contained spoons, photos, the bible of George Davis, and the wedding gift book to Annie Davis.

Percussion muzzle loading musket made in 1826 by Samuel Samson Davis, London
initials of Samuel Davis, London 1826
‘S Davis’s patent 4 East Smithfield London

DR SAMSON DAVIS b 1818 London d 1860 Newstead, Vic, Australia
Michelle’s 3 x great grandfather

Music book of Dr Samson Davis – written around 1840
inside the music book
“To Miss Anne Reeves Rathbone” – a tiny wedding present given to the wife of Dr Samson Davis

GEORGE DAVIS b 1849 London d 1934 Thornbury, Vic, Australia
Michelle’s 2nd great grandfather

bible given to George R Davis in 1860 by his sister Mary

ISABEL LUKE nee RITSON b 1855 Crook, Dur, Eng d 1935 Northumberland, England
Michelle’s 2nd great grandmother

Black silk shawl of Isobel Ritson 1855-1935, Durham, England (2nd great grandmother of Michelle)
Black jet (petrified coal) necklace and earrings of Isobella Ritson 1855-1935 England


ISABEL GRAY nee LUKE b 1880 Durham, England – d 1964 Balwyn, Vic, Australia
Michelle’s great grandmother

Isobel Grays brooches

Harmonium brought out from England by George and Isabel Luke in 1910

HENRY GRAY b 1848 Durham, England – d 1913 Durham, England
Michelle’s great great grandfather

This family bible has been handed down from Henry Gray 1848-1913, via his son George Gray 1878-1954 to his daughter Olive Mills (nee Gray) 1910-1993 to her daughter Val Davis (nee Mills) to her daughter Michelle Dennis (nee Davis) – me! 

It was brought out from England to Australia with George Thomas Gray in 1910 with the harmonium above. There are more pages covering the family, but some include living individuals, so have not been included below.

OLIVE MILLS b 1910 Northumberland, Eng d 1993 Violet Town, Vic, Australia
Michelle’s grandmother

leadlight bookcase of Olive and Gordon Mills
various badges of Olive Gray and Ella Davis – Michelle’s two grandmothers

WILLIAM GORDON MILLS b 1914, Vic d 1991 Mornington, Victoria, Australia
Michelle’s maternal grandfather

William Gordon Mills WW2 War Medals

Michelle’s paternal great grandparents

This family bible has been handed down from Albert J Jackson 1883-1964 to his daughter Ella Davis 1909-1999 to her son Brian Davis to his daughter Michelle Dennis (nee Davis) – me! There are more pages covering the family, but some include living individuals, so have not been included below.

ALAN DAVIS b 1905 Boho, Vic d 1987 Boho, Victoria, Australia
Michelle’s paternal grandfather

school slate used by Alan Davis at Warrenbayne West Primary School ca 1919


CHARLES PICKERING b 1914 Perth, d 1995 Burwood, Victoria, Australia
Brendan’s grandfather

WW2 Slouch hat worn by Charles N Pickering, 2/2 Commandos WA
WW2 medals of Charles N Pickering