William Milne and Mary Johnston

William Milne was born in Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland in 1721. He was baptised on 7 May 1721 at Old Machar, to parents Alexander Milne b 1683 and Elspet Smith 1692-1782.

Old Machar cathedral church Aberdeen

William’s father Alexander, is described as a Maltman of Bogs Bridge, Old Machar, Aberdeen on his baptism register entry.

The witnesses to the baptism were William Miln, William Smith and William Paul. A trio of Williams!

The William Smith mentioned may have been a relation of his mother Elspet Smith.

William Milne was working at Gateside, Old Machar, as a wright (likely a skilled woodworker, a carpenter/joiner making furniture or machinery) at the time of his marriage to Mary Johnston on 18 June 1750.

Mary Johnson was born in Frasierfield, Old Machar, the daughter of Alexander Johnston, and his wife Margaret Hutchen. Mary was baptised on 8 April 1724 at Old Machar.

Alexander Johnston, farmer in Old Aberdeen, married Mary Hutcheon on 1 December 1719 at Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland. They had three children – Andrew in 1720, Mary in 1724 and Katharine in 1727.

William and Mary Milne had five children baptised at Old Machar –

  1. William b 1751 Gateside, Old Machar. Marr Jean Barrack. 10 children. Mason.
  2. Alexander b 1752 Gateside. d 1849 Scotston, Old Machar. Marr Isabel Clerk. 4 kids.
  3. Anne b 1755 Gateside
  4. John b 1756 Gateside
  5. George b 1760 Frasierfield, Old Machar

William seemed to have a bit of a change of occupation, from wright to farmer and location from Gateside to Frasierfield. On the baptism of his son John in 1756 he was a wright in Gateside, Old Machar.

Four years later in 1760, William senior was a farmer in Frasierfield, Old Machar according to the baptism record of his son William junior.

William and his wife Mary’s death and place of burial is unknown.