Interesting Ancestors

Michelle’s side – a witch, royal servants, a poet, and more…

Queen Elizabeth I – 1558-1603

Elizabeth Barker 1590-1638 – servant to Queen Elizabeth I and the wife of Sir Bartholomew Tipping of Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire. (Oxford Visitation 1664). Elizabeth is Michelle’s 11 x great grandmother. 

Robert Skilton 1550-1636– servant to Queen Elizabeth I. Robert was the husband of Elynor Lashemor. (his twins baptism record records ‘Roberte Skelton, the quenes majesty servant and Eleanor his wife’). Robert is Michelle’s 11 x great grandfather.

John Skilton/Skelton 1463-1529 – poet laureate of King Henry VIII. Buried in Westminster Abbey. Married Alice Skipworth. (Dictionary of National Biography). John is Michelle’s 13th great grandfather.

Alexander Carew 1609-1644 – hanged for treason in 1644 at the Tower of London. 2nd Baronet of Antony House, Torpoint, Cornwall. Husband of Lady Jane Rolle, and father of Thomas Carew who married Wilmot Lampen. Alexander is Michelle’s 10 x great grandfather.

Barbara Milne born 1617 Edinburgh – accused and imprisoned for witchcraft in 1640, for turning herself into a cat and slipping through the town gates. She was the daughter of John Milne, master mason to the Scottish Crown, and Isobel Wilson. (Survey of Scottish Witchcraft Case C/EGD/2414). Barbara is the sister of Michelle’s 10 x great grandfather John Mylne, junior 1611-1667.

Nicholas Kendal 1598-1643 – died in 1643 in the English Civil War at the Seige of Bristol. Married Emily Treffrey. Kendall became a colonel in the King’s army. He led a troop of Royalist soldiers into Bodmin, where they routed the Parliamentarian troopers who were raiding the town. He was killed at the siege of Bristol in 1643. Nicholas is Michelle’s 10 x great grandfather.

Hercules Jameson 1788-1835 – born in Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland. Served aboard the naval frigate ‘Spartan’. Signal MasterLost a leg in action in the Napoleonic Wars in 1810 in the Bay of Naples in Italy while engaging the French when aged 22 years. Married Sarah Jay 1815 London. Died 1835 Greenwich Hospital for Pensioners.  Hercules is Michelle’s 4 x great grandfather.

Samuel Sampson Davis 1778-1832 – born in London, gun and pistol maker in East Smithfield, London, worked in the Armouries, Tower of London, patented three gunlocks including the first flint and percussion gunlock in 1822, a safety gunlock in 1824 and two improved locks in 1830. A relative still has one of the guns he made today. Samuel was Michelle’s 4 x great grandfather.

Susan Mill 1815-1849 – Tasmanian Convict. Born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Convicted of theft of a pocketbook in Perth, Scotland. Transported to Hobart, Tasmania in 1838 aboard the ‘Atwick’. Confined to the Cascade Female Factory when pregnant. Freed, and married Joseph Pooler. Died in 1849 aged just 34 of inflammation of the lungs. Two children. Susan is Michelle’s 3 x great grandmother.

Nicholas Surtees 1270-1318 – A very old English line, in which their pedigree appears in Surtees family of Dinsdale, British History Online. Nicholas is Michelle’s 21st great-grandfather via 15 generations of Surtees, then 3 generations of Elrington, then Maddison, Ritson, Luke, Gray, Mills.

William and Anne Barker Memorial Brasses Sonning Church Berkshire

John Barker 1538-1620 – gentleman usher to Queen Elizabeth 1st. John is Michelle’s 12th great grandfather. Another old English aristocratic line that is recorded back through 28 generations (from Michelle) back to Randolph de Calverhall born 1082 in Normandy, France. The Barker family lived in Calverhall Manor in Shropshire, England and changed their name around the 1300s.With the Heralds Principal Visitations of Shropshire, 1307-1327, begins the recorded pedigree of Barker. Here we find Randolph de Coverall (Calverhall), alias Barker. There are monumental brasses in the Sonning, Berkshire church for William Barker 1480-1549 and Ann Throgmorton. Their parents William Barker and Anne Burghley are Michelle’s 14 great grandparents. This line begins from the Jackson, Miles, White, Rixon, Littlepage, Allnut, Tipping, Barker ancestral line.

Thomas Grey 1st Marquis of Dorset 1455-1501 – born in Westminster, London, 15 children, several of whom have their own wikipedia pages – Thomas Grey, Leonard Grey, Dorothy Grey’s husband, Elizabeth Grey , Cecily Grey’s husband, Mary Grey’s husband and Eleanor Gray. Knight of the Garter, Privy Councillor. Thomas married Cecily Bonville, the 7th Baroness of Harington. Their son Leonard was accused of allowing the escape of his sister Elizabeth’s son to France which he denied. He was charged with High Treason and executed at the tower of London.

Sir Bernard Brocas 1330-1395 – born in Clewer Brocas, Berkshire, England. Michelle’s 18th great grandfather. Constable of Aquitaine and Corfe Castle, Master of the Royal Buckhounds a hereditary office held by his descendants for 300 years. He became chamberlain to Richard II’s queen, Anne of Bohemia. Buried in St Edmunds Chapel, Westminster Abbey, London. His son and namesake Sir Bernard Brocas 1354-1399 was Chamberlain to Richard II and died in Feb 1400 at Tower Hill, London, Middlesex, England after being beheaded for his part in the plot to kill King Henry IV at Oxford.  This line begins from the Jackson, Miles, White, Rixon, Littlepage, Allnut, Tipping, Doyley, Moore, Brocas ancestral line.

Descendant of King Edward IV, Plantagenet – 1442-1483 is Michelle’s 17th great grandfather –

  • Olive Gray, George Gray, Jane Brown, George Brown, Henry Brown, Alice Richardson, Isabel Clark, Hannah Surtees, Ralph Suretise, George Surtees, Isobel Browell, Jane Errington, Christopher Errington, Anthony Errington, Catherine Cresswell, Elizabeth Lumley, Elizabeth Plantagenet, Edward IV King of England.

Descendant of Elizabeth Woodville 1437-1492, wife of King Edward IV, Plantagenet 1442-1483 is Michelle’s 18th great grandmother –

  • Ella Jackson, Kate Miles, Harriet White, Richard White, Eden White, Mary Rixon, Mary Littlepage, Martha Allnut, John Tipping, Bartholomew Tipping, Martha Doyley, Katherine Tregian, Katherine Arundell, John Arundell, Lady Eleanor Grey, Thomas Grey 1st Maquois of Dorset, Queen Elizabeth Woodville.

Descendant of King Edward I, Longshanks- 1239-1307
is Michelle’s 17th great grandfather –

  • Gordon Mills, Eliza Hutton, Alfred Hutton, Charles Hutton, Maria Pierce, Charles Pierce, Elizabeth Kendall, Charles Kendall, Jane Carew, Thomas Carew, Alexander Carew, Richard Carew, Richard Carew, Richard Carew, Thomas Carew, Wymond Carew, John Carew, Alexander Carew, Joan Courtney, Hugh Courtney, Edward de Courtney, Margaret de Bohun, Elizabeth of Rhuddlan, Edward I Longshanks King of England.